The first minutes of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero; A punch of nostalgia that you’ll love

The first minutes of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero;  A punch of nostalgia that you’ll love

Toei Animation He published the first five minutes of his new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroin which we see a summary of the great events experienced on Earth Goku From the protagonist. As you can see in the video topping the article, during the first minutes, amazing visual style and Dragon Ball of a lifetime, encounters like the ones in Network ribbonTao Pai Pai, jump into the time of androids and Cell… Pure nostalgia hits hard and leaves you wanting more.

As you know, the movie reconnects with the plot of the respective army and androids, in which a review is made of everything that was experienced during the Dragon a ball And Dragon Ball Z, but with the addition of some novelties to introduce the new characters that we will see in this adventure in which Gohan and Piccolo will be heroes. In addition, some details worth knowing about a movie that Toriyama loved have been confirmed.

Super Vegeta More than ever… in Super.

Is android 21 canon?

The first and most notable is that A21, the character who plays the villain in Dragon Ball FighterZ, has been enshrined in the movie. In these first moments we can see how she appears as Doctor Jiro’s wife with the name Fumi, who died in an unknown way and this is, indeed, something from the video game, of which Jiro made the robot in his image and likeness.

A21 in Dragon Ball Super

The character was created by Toriyama himself for FighterZ, so he simply brought it back to make it official. In the game, she can be transformed into a monster mode very similar to Buu but in a female version, although in the movie, in the absence of confirmation, Vomi only appears to appear as a small cameo.

During the first few minutes, it is made clear who Hedo, the grandson of Gero and Vomi, is, and that he will have a fitting role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, as Red Ribbon wants to return to its glory days.

When is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero released in Spain?

At the moment, we don’t have a release date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which has already hit theaters in Japan and will do the same in the US in mid-August. The last thing that is known is that it is set to air throughout this summer, this time by Crunchyroll, which has held the rights to the film.

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