The horrific injury suffered by a former wrestling champion: his neck was broken and the video spread

The horrific injury suffered by a former wrestling champion: his neck was broken and the video spread
Breaking Big E’s neck in a WWE match attended by paramedics

SmackDown, the WWE professional wrestling championship, has swept the company that organizes entertainment events in the United States. It was when he was the former champion bigHe had an amazing fall that resulted in him break your neck It guaranteed everything he got on the cheap other than the fact that he would have to spend several days in the hospital and that he wouldn’t be able to fight for a while. The video of his injury was shocking and went viral.

The truth was on Friday in Legacy Arena BJCCin Birmingham, Alabama, during the broadcast of the program WWE Friday Night SmackDown. During the match between Team Big E and Kofi Kingston’s The New Day against Sheamus and Ridge Holland. After a one-on-one showdown between Big E and the Netherlands, he applied the German suplex to Big E, although he had some failures to do so correctly and his opponent fell incorrectly. The former champion was on the ground and turned on the alarms.

Kofi Kingston was left alone in the ring against both opponents because Big E could not continue and had to be removed on a stretcher by WWE’s medical staff, and he received applause from the entire audience. Of course, it was a defeat for his team in the team match between the former champions.

The fight ended poorly for Big E (WWE Credit)

After he underwent medical examinations, the fighter filmed a video that he uploaded to his social media sites, showing him wearing a brace on his neck, commenting on his condition, and conveying peace of mind to his followers.

The former WWE Champion explained that he can move his fingers, and is fine after receiving treatment, but unfortunately he broke his neck, so he will be out for a while.

“I can’t thank all people enough for their concern, it’s heartwarming. I can move all my fingers, can you see that? It’s good, it’s always a good thing. Unfortunately I’m told that My neck is broken. Thanks again, don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” he said. As Big E himself mentioned, No spinal cord injury Fortunately, you will not have to undergo surgery on that sensitive area.

This is how Big E appeared on social networks (wwebige)
This is how Big E appeared on social networks (wwebige)

It should be remembered that Big E in 2019 suffered a meniscus injury that prevented him from appearing on television and in the ring for several weeks, although at that time the blow was to the head.

Big E is 36 years old, and among his accomplishments, he’s been a one-time World Champion, one time WWE Champion, two titles as Intercontinental Champion, two reigns as the Raw Tag Team Champion (WWE) and five reigns that also stand out. Like SmackDown Tag Team Champion.

For cases like that of Big E, WWE, on every broadcast, puts out an advertisement on their shows where they warn “don’t try this at home”. Professional wrestling is a massive art form, in which painful maneuvers look real, but determined, although in this case the former champion got the worst of it.

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