The Infallible Cinnamon Trick To Banish Cockroaches In A Simple And Effective Way – Teach Me About Science

The Infallible Cinnamon Trick To Banish Cockroaches In A Simple And Effective Way – Teach Me About Science

Cockroaches are the most undesirable visitor of all people, and unfortunately, these small insects have adapted to urban areas, which have constantly grown, to the point that they are now widely associated with humans, finding in our homes the most optimal conditions for survival: food and water. and shelter.

In this way, there is a high probability of finding one of these (or more) objects hanging around our house; Despite the fact that places without toilets are their biggest attraction, places that are clean can be a point where cockroaches scavenge for supplies.

Before seeing one of these insects roaming anywhere in our house, the most important thing is to act quickly, as this is a crucial sign of a cockroach nest near your surroundings, or in the worst case, inside. .

In this way, you need to take measures that help keep these insects away and thus avoid unnecessary fighting to try to squash them. For this you can benefit from home remedies based on the biological properties of the components of some plants, such as the bark of the tree known as “cinnamon”, meaning cinnamon.

Cinnamon, in addition to being one of the most widely used spices in the kitchen, contains biologically active substances with beneficial properties. Insecticides , Being the most important contributor to this effect eugenol and the Cinnamaldehydeand its main way of working is to be Chasealthough it also contains Verification Which have a devastating effect on some insects in high concentrations.

This way, we can use cinnamon as a file Effective repellent and normal. Follow the tips below to use it:

Cinnamon powder

Take a little cinnamon powder, or if you don’t have it, you can grind some “twigs” of this spice, and put them in the form of a path through the places where they are usually entrances or those corners where they usually hide. , including in or around stoves, ovens, and refrigerators.

It is advised not to remove it, you can leave it for a couple of days and after this time renew your natural repellent.

essential oil

If you can get cinnamon essential oil, it is recommended to mix 10-15 drops in water, and put the mixture in a container that allows you to spray it in all the corners or doorways where these unwanted insects usually abound.

Cinnamon + Clove

Clove also contains eugenol and other derivatives that have a repellent effect for some pests such as cockroaches, in this way we can combine the components of cloves and cinnamon to make a natural repellent.

To do this, you have to cut a lemon in half and put each in the cloves that have been previously mixed with cinnamon powder. The amount of all components depends on the extent of the surfaces where you will place them.

Once you’re done, you should place all of the lemon halves at strategic angles.

The fragrance released in each of the tricks will not kill the roaches, but it will act as an effective repellent that will get them to flee, and keep your home safe from the infestation of these insects.

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