The iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display uses a significant amount of battery

The iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display uses a significant amount of battery

In a YouTube video, it is shown how much battery percentage is lost by making the Always On Display on the iPhone 14 Pro set to maximum.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display comes with a multitude of functions.

One feature that has only been in Android for a long time is The screen is always on. That’s even changed Apple made it official on the iPhone 14 Pro. From its announcement to the present day, tests are still ongoing to see how much it has improvedSince Apple made this feature customizable in iOS 16.2. Nothing has changed, A video shows that under certain conditions the battery can be discharged to 20% for 24 hours.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s screen is always on, an absolute battery dilemma

This experience is very interesting, the iPhone is locked and at the same time a small summary of notifications or widgets is activated. This is how it looked from his presentation. At first, many users thought it was exaggerated because it was noticeable that Apple only reduced the screen brightness. to a minimum. It didn’t really align with what Android and mobile phone manufacturers do.

New settings are always displayed

These are the new iOS 16.2 settings for the always-on display

Given the proven events, iOS 16.2 allows you to remove background and notifications. You can just be left with the black screen showing the date and time. About video PhoneBuff where they run battery tests with the screen always on, It turns out that doing the above procedure only consumes 0.6% of the battery. With wallpaper, 0.8% is consumed, but how is it 20% consumed?

The minimum screen consumption is always on in iPhone 14 Pro

Appropriate Always On Display behavior will not completely drain your iPhone 14 Pro battery

Excessive consumption with active screen

In this video you will see the behavior From iPhone in 3 states, with wallpaper, no wallpaper and the screen is off. If your iPhone’s screen has been always on for 24 hours, that’s when excessive consumption becomes a reality (shown at the end of the video).

Battery results using always-on display

Battery results using Always On Display after 24 hours (PhoneBuff video)

Remember that if this mode is activated, your screen will go dark in some cases:

  • iPhone face down
  • iPhone in the pocket
  • Sleep mode, low consumption and/or connection to CarPlay activated
  • Use a continuity camera
  • By not using the iPhone for a certain period
  • iPhone moves away from Apple Watch

The final curiosity about this video is that it compares to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In a 24-hour test, both phones end up charged at 84%. What does this mean? Always-on display technologyfor the sake of clarity, You need to use a percentage of each device’s battery. the User behaviors In daily use they will determine if it is being worn excessively (or not).

In future updates, for both iPhone and iOS, Apple will take on the task of optimizing the battery performance of devices that have the display always on. We know that Apple didn’t invent this feature however It is in her work that strives for perfection to provide a better experience out of competition.

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