The José Luis Lopez Foundation promotes the Pilota Arreu del Món


The Pilota Arreu del Món program has been working for some time with the aim of bringing handball to different parts of the world where there are financial, logistical and sometimes social difficulties involved in practicing this ancient sport. The idea is simple, because it involves building a small installation, a wall, a smooth playground in the front, and some lines, so that One Wall can be played, a method that requires no more than a ball and the desire to have fun playing. This sport in your free hand. To achieve this goal, CIJB and the José Luis Lopez Foundation work side by side, and it is through the latter Foundation that the ultimate impulse is directed to the implementation of the program.

To continue to complete the steps, an agreement was signed this week between CIJB and the José Luis López Foundation, whereby the Foundation commits to collaborating with CIJB in order to advance the Pilota Arreu del Món program, which aims to assist in the construction of ball walls by hand in low-lying areas of various countries of the continents African and American.

Pilota Arreu del Món opened avenues of cooperation for different countries. In fact, it is expected that in less than 10 months, three facilities will be built in different countries. For example, one in Uganda, but also in Ecuador, where a ball wall has already been built in a school. She is also working on a Fronton Conditioning in the state of Mexico.

Call the municipality

In addition to CIJB, Jose Luis Lopez, Honorary President stated, “It is my pride to be able to continue this collaboration with CIJB and to help expand the sport in areas where the possibilities are extremely rare.” For his part, CIJB President Alberto Soldado said: “The intention of CIJB is to be able to engage the Valencia municipalities and all entities interested in joining a solidarity project that can strengthen and expand the game of football in areas requiring outside assistance.”

Showcased at Simat

The Pilota Arreu del Món program will be presented officially and as a central act in the Abbey of Simat de la Valldigna, on the occasion of the upcoming Trobada de Pilota del Mediterrani, and thanks to the cooperation of the City Council of the Savor region and its mayor, Victor Mannette.

Negotiations with the World Council

During the past weeks there have been some meetings between CIJB and the World Handball Council. Specifically, a new meeting will be held this week, during which the study of modalities for cooperation and joint action between the two international entities will continue. Progress continues in the realization of joint ventures by 2022.

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