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There are 15 days until the visit to our country by Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States and it is known that the topics to be discussed will be in addition to immigration, security, investments and value chains in the country and Central America.

Harris, who will arrive in Mexico two days after the June 6 elections, will also travel to Guatemala as part of a short tour.

But his visit to our country is surrounded by some misunderstandings and legitimate allegations such as Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s demand to suspend the alleged financial support of some civic organizations.

Such as support from the USAID Cooperation Agency, an independent body linked to the State Department, to NGOs such as Mexicanos counter la Corrupción y la Impunidad.

Harris will also be visited after complaints from the US federation under the new T-MEC guidelines, but the Mexican government is already responding in time.

Despite this, the Americans have shown a willingness to put their differences behind them and advance the bilateral agenda for a radical solution to the problems affecting the two countries.

Evidence of this was presented within the framework of the first meeting of T-MEC’s ​​Free Trade Commission, one year after the agreement’s creation, in which the chief economists, Tatiana Klotheer of Mexico and Kathryn Tay, the trade representative of Mexico attended, the White House confirmed in a joint statement that it had had strong discussions. On T-MEC’s ​​historic labor and environmental commitments, setting a standard for future agreements.

They noted that the tripartite agreement seeks to develop a strong and inclusive economy in North America that serves as a global model for competitiveness, while prioritizing the interests of workers and disadvantaged societies.

In this context, they pledged to advocate for trade policies that support good jobs that are protected by strong and fully enforced labor laws.

In addition to the shipment, this week, from a batch of 1,394,800 coronavirus vaccines that AstraZeneca developed as part of weekly deliveries agreed with the federal government and that country, for the national vaccination plan.

Another good sign for Mexico is the change in the US president’s rhetoric on immigration compared to that of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The issue received special attention in the Biden administration, since his accession to the presidency, migration flows have increased month after month.

According to official figures from the United States, in April of this year alone, more than 178,000 foreigners were arrested by the authorities of this country for trying to cross the border.

The US Vice President’s visit will also allow Mexican officials to discuss an issue of interest to President Lopez Obrador: investing in southern Mexico and Central America, as a measure to give options to residents of those regions and thus mitigate irregular migration northward.

Mexico views Harris’ presence as a “favorable and positive sign” for the Biden administration to confront the phenomenon in a comprehensive manner with the interest of North and Central American nations, which has been one of AMLO’s positions from the start. Manage it.

For this reason, it is worth trying to educate the Vice President about the dimensions of Mexico’s problems, because despite the fact that she knows that boycotting tomatoes, avocados or auto parts in Mexico leads to unemployment and this affects immigration flows, it is not the same thing that you understand in a real way when visiting our country. .

Certain personal elements of Kamala Harris will undoubtedly help her make her aware of 4T concerns, as we remember that the Vice President is the daughter of immigrants, who grew up as a member of minorities and has a wide career as a lawyer and attorney for social causes.

We are sure that the good role played by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard will help make this visit an opportunity for closer cooperation between the two countries. We will be alert.

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