The Minister of Sports regrets the death of Hugo Cabrera


Sports Minister Francesco Camacho and former Minister Felipe Baiano and Naco expressed their sorrow over the death of the immortal Dominican basketball and sports legend, Hugo Cabrera, which occurred at dawn on Tuesday in the United States.

“On behalf of the Dominican government and mine, we deeply regret the death of Hugo Cabrera, one of our great sports heroes, who distinguished himself for his exceptional qualities as an athlete, but also for being a captain on and off the field,” Camacho said in a press release: “Who has proudly and courageously defended national colors in international events “.

He adds that “Hugo, an extraordinary human being and an example of the Dominican youth due to his impeccable behavior, was a great promoter of Dominican sport in the United States, where he lived a large part of his life, so his death represents a loss to the country.”

“Our sincere condolences to his relatives and partners, and especially to his children, grandchildren and brothers,” Camacho said.

What did Payano say

He added, “The basketball family and the national sport are in mourning for the physical departure of Brother Hugo, with whom we have long and sincere friendship inside and outside the sport.”

Baiano, who was Hugo Cabrera’s teammate in the national basketball team that defeated the United States in the 1989 Copa Las America in Mexico, asserted that the national sport had lost a great human and a perfect Dominican both on and off the field. .

“Dominican sports today lose Hugo Cabrera, one of the Dominican players who reached the highest level in basketball in the 1970s and 1980s, and who showed his talent for defending the national colors,” Baiano added.

Also the Nako Club

“Cabrera was a special member of the Nako family, so his death causes us pain and sadness,” said Dr. Luis Miguel Beau, president of Naco.

He recalled that in August of last year, Cabrera was involved with a large group of athletes in a discussion as they talked about the brilliant final series that Naco and Arroyo Hondo fought in 1983 to an entire home in Palacio de los Deportes.

“In an interview conducted by Zoom, there were immortals of sports in basketball, Hugo Cabrera, Eduardo Gomez, and coach Umberto Rodriguez, who announced that after 37 years, even the national sports movement remembers the last series Naco teams fought. And Arroyo Hondo, in basketball. Local. “

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