The National Palace was raided for possible corruption in the Ministry of Culture – Prinsa Lieber


Authorities raided the National Palace of Culture as part of an investigation linking the Ministry of Culture. (Photo: Hemeroteca PL)

On Tuesday, June 8, Guatemalan security forces carried out a raid on the National Palace of Culture, the seat of government, for an ongoing investigation into corruption cases within the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The Public Prosecution Office reported in its communication channels that “inspection” and “registration” are being carried out in the agency of the Ministry of Sports and Entertainment affiliated to the Culture and Sports File.

The authorities did not provide further details in this regard, as they indicated that “the case is under judicial custody” and that the search procedures are within the competence of the Anti-Corruption Public Prosecution.

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The headquarters of the general administration of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is located in the National Palace of Culture, where the presidential offices are also located, in downtown Guatemala City.

In a press release, the government of Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamatti noted that “the authorities respect” the raids recorded on Tuesday and confirmed “its cooperation to provide any necessary support in the investigation.”

The National Palace of Culture was already raided twice in 2019 for corruption cases.

The raids were carried out a day after the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, visited Government House.

The official arrived in Guatemala on Sunday for a 24-hour tour to search for solutions to irregular immigration and met Monday morning President Alejandro Giamatti at the National Palace of Culture.

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Harris announced, among other actions, the creation of a regional body to investigate corruption in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, although it may also help other countries.

Guatemala, according to the indicators of international organizations, is one of the seven most corrupt countries in America.

In the past six years alone, the authorities have arrested more than 250 people for corruption among ministers, deputies, officials, presidents and vice presidents, as well as members of the country’s business elite.

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