The new iPad Pro will begin production in April according to rumor, leaving the March event in the air


A cool water jug ​​for the forthcoming new iPad Pro forecast. According to the latest rumors from Apple’s supply chain, The new iPad Pro 2021 will go into production In the second quarter of this year. This means that the machines will start manufacturing between April and June without going into details.

This is another argument against the March Spinner event, as well as a possible release via a press release. From what we can say, everything is in the air.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a small LED display delay

Epistar has become the exclusive supplier for mini-LED chips for use in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a mini-LED panel, with about 50% of the corresponding production allocated to the tablet and a production volume that will start in the second and sources said the 2021 quarter.

Mac rumors This news echoes, New from DigiTimes. Comes after last week Same goes for making sure this is iPad Pro With a small LED screen arriving at the end of March. The mention of the second quarter of the year indicates that production is expected to start between April and June, with a launch not necessarily coinciding in the same quarter.

Usually Apple announces a new product before it is manufactured when it is a new product Is it a big leap, or is it a new category. In this way, leaks are avoided and the stock is collected upon its initial release. In the case of this iPad Pro, it is very likely that the company would prefer to raise the stock before the product is announced and launched. So this rumor seems to indicate that we will see the new iPad Pro 2021 in the third or fourth quarter of the year.

This information can be interpreted as a loose verse in the face of a barrage of rumors. however, There are other reasons that could indicate a delay In more expected releases. So much so, that we won’t see a keyword this month.

Spring without Apple events

Spring isn’t a fixed date in Apple’s calendar, unlike the WWDC’s and In September or October for the new iPhones and Apple Watch. In fact, in the past 10 years, we’ve had six events during this season. All of them are in March.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that this event will occur. To news IPad Pro 2021 production delayed, We must add another: AirPods 3 will start Production in the third quarter of 2021. Taking all this into account, hopes for this month’s or season’s event are dashed.

Some Dropouts That in the past weeks they took the event for granted, and now they confirm it will finally be in April. This is the situation John Prosser, A few weeks ago He was sure the event would take place. Apple sends out invitations for a new event at least a week in advance. If the date is correct, we will have received the invitations yesterday afternoon.

When new developments loom, the rumors tend to accelerate. Products, dates, prices, names, and properties They are starting to spread across the tech landscape As it nears its show or release via press release Although it gave that impression at the beginning of March, now the leaks have not only stopped but are pointing in the opposite direction.

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