This broadcast went live for 90 hours and adds 10 seconds each time they donate money


Ludwig Ahgren, one of the most unpredictable players on Twitch, has faced his most unpredictable challenge: staying live until they stop donating money to him. Unfortunately for him (?), The money never stopped raining.

The #subathon mechanism is very simple: there is a countdown to the end of the broadcast, but every time someone subscribes to the channel, it adds up to 10 seconds. Ludwig eats, sleeps and bathes in front of his followers. Sunday night, when he first went to sleep live, it showed 18 hours remaining. When he woke up, it was 27 o’clock again. Now, after 91 hours of non-stop live broadcasts, the countdown is 59 hours, which means that, at the very least, he will have to broadcast for two and a half days.

probably Ludwig A challenge cannot be completed without setting a limit. The more famous his achievement (at the time of writing, there were 57,000 people watching him asleep), the more people would come to donate money; Sometimes, brands distribute hundreds of ad subscriptions.

This is not to say that the 25-year-old is bored or has a hard time. Besides cooking and sleeping, he talks with Discord moderators, comments on movies with his followers, and plays games like Super Mario Sunshine And exercise in the garage. “It’s fun now,” he says.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this craze (at least for those who aren’t a fan of Ludwig) is the sheer amount of money he makes from getting him done. A group of followers has been created Spreadsheet It is updated automatically with numbers. After 90 hours of live broadcast, things went as follows:

  • Total product from Subscriptions, bits, and media sharing: $ 229,563
  • A total was entered by removing Ludwig A committee Die Twitch: $ 157,026
  • Total entered per hour: $ 1,725.56
  • Total subscribers: 62,334
  • New subscribers: 31,334
  • Live sleep hours: 21

Broadcasting your life 24/7 seems like a lucrative business, at least for someone who was already known. Although these sums still had to be subtracted, then split in half, as Ludwig promised to donate half of it to charity.

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