The new Netflix thriller is the number one movie on the platform today


More than 35% of NetflixThe platform’s customer base, which exceeded 208 million subscribers worldwide the last time the company released official numbers, is in the US and Canada, so naturally most of the most popular titles on the platform are the English versions.

However, over the past year, there have been many international projects that have captured the imagination of audiences all over the world, proving once again that first-class entertainment is a universal language. France lupine It became the first French production to enter the US top ten at the same time that it took the title of the third-watched series ever on Netflix, Portugal. a program It generated a sensation on the Internet, and caused quite a stir in Germany dark It is one of the best science fiction shows of the 21st century.

Spain also performed dangerously strong with money theft Established as one of broadcasting’s biggest successes, it’s the creative team’s pursuit red sky It was a blitzkrieg full of emotion. The last thriller Below zeroMeanwhile, it reached 47 million views in four weeks after debuting in January and topping the number one spot on audience charts, and now the spiritual successor. Xtreme You will be looking to do the same.

Another high-minded Spanish player who sees a retired assassin vows revenge on his sister, joins his sister and a teen struggling to get the job done. It doesn’t offer much originality, and the title is something straight out of the new metal age, but the pace is fast and the pieces are steady and uncompromising, making it the perfect weekend entertainment for fans, which may be why Xtreme He is ready for such a strong start in Netflix, ranking first in the list of the most watched films.

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