The new Office build is available to some Office Insiders after a few days of delay: this is how to activate it


after a short notice, Microsoft’s Visual Update for Office for Windows announced last week Yeah Available for at least some users from Insiders of the office.

The new interface can be activated and deactivated by clicking on the file icon The speaker is in the upper right corner of the Office applications. The Office team said that the new interface for the Office suite, inspired by Windows 11, will be rolled out in phases. This is the new design for the office It will be available on both Windows 10 and Windows 11, but it will show its full potential in the next version of Windows.

To check out the new user interface inspired by Windows 11, You will have to download the trial version of Office for Windows 14301.20004 And check if you see the speaker icon in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The visual update will be rolling out gradually to Office Insiders, so don’t worry if you can’t activate it right after installing the new beta.

The most prominent news of the new office


The most important changes in this first beta include rounded corners (which It can also now be placed in Windows 10), a Default Neutral PaletteSay goodbye to the color palette we know now. There is also a customizable Quick Access Toolbar which is now hidden by default.

The office team noticed that There are still some inconsistencies in color and style on the different surfaces From the user interface, but this is normal in the first beta. Plus, you can create your presentation in PowerPoint while referencing Word and Excel to get the information you need.

This update It can be easily deactivated using the Coming Soon وظيفة function, located in the upper right corner of the menu. Coming Soon isn’t available in Access, Project, Publisher, or Visio.

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