what happened? Sony makes an ad showing the PlayStation 5 upside down and then deletes it


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If there is something about him PlayStation 5 What we can almost all agree on is that its design is massive and funky. In fact, this has sparked discussions about whether it looks better in its vertical or horizontal position. No matter which side you’re on, we think you’ll be interested to know that Sony’s ad mistakenly actually suggested another option: put the console lying down and upside down.

What happens is that Sony recently shared a new commercial on social networks. It was an advertisement focused on advertising various Sony technology products. As you can imagine, one of the stars of the ad was the PlayStation 5.

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The 30-second ad went viral shortly after Sony shared it, but for a very different reason than what the company wanted. The commercial discussion was far from showing backward compatibility for the console or the DualSense display and focused on something intriguing: the ad showed the PlayStation 5 lying upside down.

Don’t you believe us? You can see it below:

Sony has already pulled the ad with the PlayStation 5 being put on its head

For the internet community, these ad details caused so many laughs, how could we not laugh at such an obvious curious mistake? In fact, many users took the opportunity to make very funny jokes about this situation.

Unfortunately, the error seems to have been very annoying to Sony. We say that because once a commercial with a poorly arranged PlayStation 5 started going viral, Sony pulled it off. All that’s left of them are screenshots taken by users

Notably, in most cases, these commercials are filmed by agencies, so it’s not as if Sony doesn’t know how to accommodate the new generation console. Despite this, it is very strange that a commercial with the PlayStation 5 is shown in such a bad position through all the review filters.

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For now, we can’t help but wonder if the ad will be re-recorded, or if Sony will scrap it entirely. What we are sure of is that some advertising agencies in the world have certainly received calls from angry CEOs.

Now, even though it might be tempting to grab your PlayStation 5 for a pure meme, we recommend avoiding it. After all in this situation lacks the norm and your physical games will return to the reader. Of course, this won’t cause an explosion or anything like that, but it could harm your games or generate another effect that you would definitely prefer to avoid.

And you, what do you think of this error? What do you think happened to Sony to release such a commercial? Tell us in the comments.

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