The new way thieves track your car to steal it at night


For distracted people, “Apple AirTag“It is a useful tool that, thanks to its small size, can be placed in wallets or keys to be able to easily locate it from your cell phone. However, a group of people found improper use of this accessory.

According to Canadian police reports, in recent weeks they have noticed a A new form of theft They are afraid to reach more parts of the world. Officers found cars with hidden AirTags, which were tracked down by thieves to steal units at nightfall.

The police report states that thieves follow their victims to malls, and when the user gets out of their car, they place the AirTag in parts hidden with duct tape. When the owner of the car returns, the thieves are no longer at the scene, but they have The exact location of the vehicle.

At night, the thieves reach the car owner’s home thanks to AirTag tracking. With encryption key They receive the signal from inside the house and within minutes steal the car without alerting anyone.

So far, officers have only found AirTags lying on theft sites, but Samsung SmartTags have also been known to be used for the same purpose. Unfortunately, there is little that users can do to prevent this new type of car theft.

The police recommend that when leaving the car in a public place, check the lower part of the fenders, as well as the inner part of the fenders, for something stuck. If you find it, it is recommended not to go from the site and contact the authorities.

Apple has stated that thanks to the update, the iPhone will notify that it is detecting an unknown AirTag soon after a certain period of time. However, Android users have no way of knowing if they have a tracker or not, at least not yet.


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