Yutu 2 rover monitors a mysterious cubic object on the moon


Yutu 2The Chinese rover, which has been on the dark side of the moon since 2019, was conducting regular observations last November when, unexpectedly, its camera mysterious cube object from a distance. Of course, the poor clarity of the image makes it difficult to determine exactly what it is. It is also true that it is unusual for rovers to detect objects while they are in natural satellite.

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) describes it as a “mysterious house”. employment Another close-up of the photo You can see a silhouette that looks like a target. Before all sorts of wild theories emerged — it’s not Tesseract and nobody tried to play soccer on the moon — the CNSA is planning a Yutu 2 launch New mission to find out what it is.

Yutu 2’s next goal on the moon will be to get close to the body. That’s nearly 80 metres. Experts estimate that the car It will take between two and three months To determine your location in a suitable position to obtain more accurate data. why all this time? Because of his low speed and the obstacles in front of him.

It could be a simple rock on the moon

Andre Jones, a journalist specializing in China’s space programmes, including those on the moon’s surface, warned that We are hardly in front of a being of alien origin. Despite the above, it is worth investigating to find out. “It’s not an obelisk or aliens,” he said, “but it’s definitely something to check. It’s hard to tell something from the picture.” Twitter.

The option that begins to gain strength in the last hours is that It could just be a rock which was detected after colliding with the moon. The audience will surely be waiting to see what it is, although we will have to be patient and wait until next year.

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