A famous expert warns of a security flaw in Apple that could affect a billion users



6 dic 2021 21:53 GMT

This point clears the way for hackers to gain access to iMessages.

Nearly a billion Apple users could be affected by a security flaw in the instant messaging service iMessage, cybersecurity expert Zach Duffman warns in his new article published in the magazine Forbes On the 4th of December.

According to the specialist, the problem lies with the iCloud storage system and the general backups that users make on their iPhones. So if the default settings are used, Messages It syncs across all Apple devices the customer owns. In addition, by default, a copy of your Smartphone’s data and settings is saved to iCloud.

Dofman stresses that iMessage has end-to-end encryption, which should generally prevent content corruption. However, the expert stresses that the backlog of data backups in iCloud includes, among other things, Store encryption keys, making end-to-end encryption “useless”.

The specialist stated that the problem appeared last week after the tummy tuck operation FBI document It separates messaging platforms that agents can easily access.

“If the target uses iCloud backup, the encryption keys must also be provided with the return of the content [acceso legal]; You can also purchase iMessages from iCloud Returns if the target has activated Messages in iCloud,” reads the file text.

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