The Predator Predator premieres on Disney+

The Predator Predator premieres on Disney+

Epic predator is back. victimThe prefix From the original 1987 film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he released an incredible movie teaser or in advance. The movie will be released on August 5 Via Hulu in North America and Disney+ in other regions, moving to 1719 in the United States.

Film directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane Which takes us to the past

victimDirected by Dan Trachtenbergresponsible for applause 10 Cloverfield Lanetake us to Comanche Nation Which was located in North America about 300 years ago, and narrates adventures Narutoa skilled warrior To firmly protect his tribe from a strange predator Very sophisticated. original actress Amber mid thunder (corpsThe incarnation of Naru, who Disney came to comment a few months ago, wants it ‘Prove its worth as a warrior’Face the most dangerous hunter ever, an alien from another world. inspiration from Rebirththe film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the production promises to be faithful to the origins of the saga.

‘Prey’ takes us to the Comanche Nation, to the Great Plains, with a warrior who must survive a deadly alien.

However, its creators have made an effort to follow the structure of the John McTiernan movie, allowing for the mystery, the horror Action mixed with a cinematic formula will keep us glued to the screen. We know to be bloodywhat or what The wild side of the terrain in which it is set has been optimized – It is said that there is a fight with a bear that promises to be amazing – and the unique details of the culture will be seen Yutja. After the failure of the box office predator by Shane Black V Twentieth Century Studios They tread carefully on this and promised that they had done their homework this time. If you want to whet your appetite until August 5th arrives, we recommend you take a look at our video game offer.

victim It will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on August 5th.

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