The PS1 logo holds a secret that no one has discovered for more than 20 years


The Playstation 1This was probably the first foray into the 3D world for many people. In this way, the Japanese company wanted to make clear its commitment to this new dimension of the console’s home screen. right Now, It was recently discovered that the logo on this piece of hardware was actually a 3D model, and not two-dimensional, as many believe.

Thanks to a system glitch, fans were able to use the Unreal Engine to animate the PlayStation 1 logo, thus discovering that this is a 3D model. Here we can see how P for Play and S for Station are from different angles.

While this is a detail that some of you may already know, public reactions on sites like Twitter and Reddit show it This is a detail that no one has realized in over 20 years. This is just one of the secrets this console hides.

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Across: Kotaku

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