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It’s been on Netflix since December 30th, but because at that time it was a It’s not over yet, folks have found only 45 episodes left in the production.

Telemundo has already streamed the series’ final episode on January 16, which means that episodes not on the streaming platform will soon be arriving on the service. So the question is: When are they coming to Netflix?

The platform has already published the date through its social networks, below we will tell you about the day and also how you see it “Queen of the South” if you don’t have Netflix. Similarly, we indicate where to see the previous seasons of production.

How long has “La Reina del Sur 3” been on Netflix?

The third season of “La Reina del Sur” began broadcasting since December 30, but it has not been completed because it has not yet ended on Telemundo. happily, From January 17, you can watch all episodes of the series.

How many chapters are in “Queen of the South 3”?

The third season of “Queen of the South” consists of 60 chapters And they’re all available on Netflix. The platform offers three plans: Basic at 24.90 soles per month, Standard at 34.90 soles per month and Premium at 44.90 soles per month. In the case of Standard and Premium, it allows you to add an additional member for 7.90 soles per month.

How do you watch “La Reina del Sur 3” if you don’t have Netflix?

“Queen of the South 3” It’s out on Telemundo and now available on Netflix, but if you don’t have the platform, you can watch it on Telemundo’s official YouTube channel. Although, you should know that on the video service you will only find a synopsis of each episode.

What is the theme of “Queen of the South 3”?

4 years after the events of season 2, Teresa Mendoza (Kate del Castillo) and her daughter Sofia are now separated thanks to the fact that Mendoza is in a maximum security prison in the United States. Although later on she will come out and try everything to be able to see her daughter again and live the life they always wanted with her.

The cast of “Queen of the South 3”

  • Kate del Castillo (Teresa Mendoza)
  • Baby Rappazzot (Pablo Landero)
  • Isabella Sierra (Sophia Dantes)
  • Humberto Zurita (Epifanio Vargas)
  • Kika Edgar (Genoveva Alcala)
  • Emmanuel Ourinday (Danilo Marquez)
  • Lincoln Palomeque (Faustino Sanchez)

Short Film for “Queen of the South 3”

Where to watch Season 1 and Season 2 of “La Reina del Sur”?

Currently, the first and second seasons of “La Reina del Sur” are available on Netflix, a platform that also has the third season of the production in its catalog.

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