The referee forces the softball player to remove the beads and cut their hair in North Carolina


Controversy has arisen and again that it is overly racist and is taking place in the United States, a country that has been severely affected by this problem in recent months. It all happened on School softball game In Durham, North Carolina. Nicole BilesPlayer Black softballShe was forced to take off the beads and cut her hair in order to participate in the meeting.

The two members who forced the young woman to remove the beads and cut her hair are hiding behind the rules laid down in the National Federation of State Associations of High Schools (in North Carolina), which prohibit plastic masks, scarves and beads. Poetry.

“It was humiliating. I feel embarrassed that they are teasing me in front of all these people for no reason. The referee has seen me play so many times. If this is an important rule, why wasn’t it applied the first time you saw me enter or leave the field? My buddies cut some accounts with some hair so they could play, ”Pyles special explained to” The News & Observer. “

But applying that rule did not convince Durham Public Schools, Who argues that it is a “culturally biased” organization. Moreover, C.Southern Alliance for Social Justice He described what happened as a “discriminatory incident” and demanded that state officials “eliminate all forms of prejudice against blacks in schools.”

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