The Retro member previously claims that Nintendo didn’t know what Bounty Hunter was up to in Metroid Prime

Here’s an interesting post regarding one of the most unique games in Nintendo’s catalog. We are talking in this case about Metroid Prime.

In the text that we leave for you below, we can get acquainted with interesting information about the development of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Details have been provided by Brian WalkerGreat product from the title.

He shared that Nintendo had an altruistic and even maternal perspective on Samos, directing all of its goals away from financial motives. He confirms that it was from Retro Studios, to which he belonged at the time that was responsible for developing the batch, that they saw that Nintendo didn’t understand what a bounty hunter was.

She notes that Nintendo has always seen it as more “space adventurer”. Besides, Metroid Prime appears to have its roots in metaforcea third-person game starring three Metahomes women that was never released because it morphed into what we know as Metroid Prime.

All these details come from the new video You know gaming? Recently we advise you to take a look at:

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