The Royal Canine Association warns of the dangers of choosing a dog breed according to fashion after the premiere of ‘Dog, Road Trip’

On April 22, the film premiered in Spain dog. wild tripWell received in the United States, a blockbuster movie starring a Belgian Malinois. The story, directed by and starring actor Channing Tatum, is inspired by his dog and the journey he took with her.

The Royal Spanish Dog Association, RSCE, is very attentive and warns of danger. Movies featuring dogs could have a huge impact on the breed becoming popular with audiences over the next ten years and although Malinois do have exceptional qualities, they are a dog that needs training and not always the ideal pet for every family.

If you are looking for a lovely animal to keep at home with you, or leave it to its own devices, don’t choose Malinois

Belgian American Malinois Club

The Belgian American Malinois Club has a paragraph on its homepage that doesn’t smudge the words and says, “This is not your typical pet dog…If you are looking for a lovely animal to stay home with you, or leave to their fate, do not choose Malinois. These dogs are bred to be educated and commissioned.” tasks, and then perform them at the highest levels of their mental and physical abilities.An untapped dog is a frustrated dog.A frustrated dog is not a good roommate.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Diane Kollar / iStockphoto

the study fashion vs. Function in cultural evolution: the case of dog breed popularity He found it true that a dog’s appearance in a famous movie influences the choice of breed. The authors found strong evidence that the dog breed in a blockbuster movie had an impact on their popularity. For example, Labrador Retriever records averaged 452 dogs per year in the ten years before The Incredible Journey was launched in 1963. But it increased by an average of 2,223 dogs per year in the following 10 years.

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This has happened many times with other films such as the 1995 release of Babe, the brave little pig and many Border Collie who have ended up in the wrong house with families unaware of the breed’s needs despite constant warnings from breeders and experts. .

It should be noted that the pet is not a toy, it is an organism that will remain part of the family for 12 or 15 years, and that, depending on the breed, it has specific needs and characteristics that we must satisfy.

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