The Seattle Sounders eliminated Pumas and shook the structure of Mexican football

The Seattle Sounders eliminated Pumas and shook the structure of Mexican football

by Hector Canto

The United States is reaping the rewards of a well-functioning plan. Liga MX stagnation

Pumas’ failure in the CONCACAF Champions League after losing the final 5-2 on aggregate to the Seattle Sounders caused an earthquake in Liga MX.

It was a severe blow to the table that went beyond the defeat of the League team, the only club to have lost its finals in its history from the tournament in the region in which it participated.

Years ago, it was doubtful that football in the United States could be compared to Mexico. Today, that hypothesis has been completely wiped out with the setback of Auriazules showing an unpresentable face by not keeping up with the title match.

It is the straw that broke the camel’s back after Mexico lost the Nations League and the Gold Cup and failed to defeat the United States delegate in the two World Cup qualifiers. What was once a scenario of supremacy when facing the clubs of each of the leagues in both countries has been erased today, even in the recent All-Star Game as MLS players beat Liga MX clubs.

MLS continues to grow and shows that the long-term growth and development plans they have developed are now paying off for the 2026 World Cup, while Liga MX is still stuck in headless plans defined by other far-reaching interests. from an athlete.

The Pumas disaster is a true reflection of how Liga MX has been stuck where it has been for the past 10 years: just watching Canada and the USA improve football based on a clear plan of action and where all clubs come together on the same goal.

Clausura 2022 will be over in the next few weeks, so much deeper analysis has to come from league members and from the owners of each of the clubs themselves.

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