The service is improving its tool for transferring


She gave WhatsApp recently first steps to Migrate your conversations from Android to iOS And vice versa, although at the moment it is something that is reserved for very specific stations. The good news is that there are already traces of improvements to this feature to cover more Android phone models.

Android 12 is the only requirement to send all WhatsApp chats on Android to a new iPhone

These effects are in beta version 22.2.74 of WhatsApp, which experts have access to by WABetaInfo. Migrate WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS This can be done the first time we open WhatsApp on iPhone, without being able to do that migration later.

The only condition to be able to do this would be Install Android version 12, which really depends on the hardware manufacturers. To perform the migration, you will also need the officially available Apple “Move to iOS” app and Google Play.

All data will be transferred wirelessly, as with the rest of Android data, and it will definitely be necessary to charge both phones. WhatsApp data usually takes up a lot of space on user terminals that you don’t monitor its storage, so A good cleaning is highly recommended before doing this step.

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