These are the functions of the secret WhatsApp list

These are the functions of the secret WhatsApp list

Applications for smart phones how The WhatsApp, the multi-platform messenger, is here to stay and now they are reinventing themselves. and then one of the main focus from the end Development Be your secret list. Do you know what we’re talking about? Do you know where to activate it?

Since there is a WhatsApp functionality, instant messaging app for your smartphones deadWhich he talked about much less.

And it is to be able to bring out this kind of relationship abbreviations This will allow you to do many things in the app itself without having to open it.

For iOS and Android

Comfortable, right? Don’t lose the details of what we tell you and take advantage of your WhatsApp from today.

  • Namely, everyone is using WhatsApp message as the main means of communication in this century. But not everyone uses it just for writing.
  • No matter what kind of mobile phone we have, the The operating system, where we can use it for both iOS how Android, these new shortcuts arrive.
  • We already said at the time that we can change the font, and you can also put blank messages so the other person doesn’t know what we’re putting in.
  • You can also send fake locations to someone else, but what we offer today is a trick that people often overlook.

Click the icon

You have on your desktop background all the files Applications Well arranged, among them WhatsApp, where a small menu will appear when you press without removing your finger on the icon.

Do not lose the details of all the functions that it offers you to perform directly The WhatsApp. It is a small menu where you will have different options.

You already know it as do the others appsIn WhatsApp, you’ll also see the classic delete app or share app, but now you can also access your camera or chat with one touch.

how? Pointing to a new chat or camera where your camera is smart phone For you to send a screenshot to someone.

This method is much faster and more flexible than opening the app, searching for the conversation itself, taking a photo and then sending it.

So you can save those seconds which can be vital if what you want is a file Photograph Insidious with someone, or you want to pull the reel with a picture if you don’t catch it quickly, it will run away, like shooting a bird.

Another function that also attracts attention is that you can share your contact directly via Qatari Ryal, any type of two-dimensional barcode.

So you don’t need to give the number to that person you want to add, all you have to do is pull the QR code and the technology will do the rest.

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