The Skyrim player creates an absurdly powerful ring

The Skyrim player creates an absurdly powerful ring

A new episode created by the Skyrim player is able to push the boundaries of the game.

Magic rings are becoming more and more popular in Skyrim.

Every fan of role-playing video games knows the legendary title of Skyrim, because since 2011 Bethesda has been holding its place among the best RPGs in history. With a wide range of gaming options, From warriors to magicians And the ability to create incredibly powerful items, Skyrim remains A popular choice all over the world currently.

In fact, a decade later, Skyrim trivia is still being uncovered and continues to impress players even though it’s been over a decade since its release. This time around, what caught the attention of fans of the franchise was nothing more than a Episode created by the playerwhich seems to have stats that are almost impossible to get in-game and was a shocking discovery to many still out there. Discover the secrets of the game to get the most out of it. Next, we explain why this ring stands out among the many others.

This Skyrim episode regenerates mana 1 billion percent faster than normal

M son made this ring on his game. surprise me.
by u / Kitsmeralda in Skyrim

In Skyrim, you can become a powerful magician, conjure up all sorts of things, or use your hands to use special abilities. At the same time, you can also create enchanted items that cause Incredible amounts of damage To complement your powers, one of the most popular is magic rings. For this, you only need creativity, practice and knowledge Get interesting results This can help you with many tasks, as not all rings are the same.

In this case, the Reddit user is named kitsmeralda He shared his latest invention that left him speechless with the stats he gave due to the fact that This wasn’t exactly what I expected, but something more impressive. As can be seen in the photo, this episode can regenerate Magicka 1,187,512,320% fasterwhile it can also reduce the load by -1,864,499,200%.

Of course, these are ridiculous traits They have never been seen before in Skyrimso it could be a file Integer override In game programming, it is not made for the stats achieved by the magic ring when it was created. Magic rings can certainly become the best Skyrim companions you can have for all of the abilities and buffs they provide you as a mage.

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