The Sports Academy announces a tour of US universities


The College of Sports Athletes announced that it will start on May 17 a month-long tour of US universities for American coaches to select athletes who are preparing in the country.

It is the only college specialized in student-athletes in the Dominican Republic.

Iremos a Chipola College, Hesston College, Clarendon College, ASA New York, Pensacola College, Thomas University School Miami Christian School, Life Prep Academy, Chattanooga State College, Northwest Florida State College, Central Florida State College, Southeastern Community College M, Highland Community College, Indian Hills Community College, Florida State College East, Georgia Eastern State College, Cuyahoga Community College, Legacy Christian Gate, Crowder College, Ranger College, Point University, Stillman College, ASA College Miami, Hillsborough College, Southeastern University, Georgia Premier Academy, Georgia Southern “College,” Diego Pablo Uloa.

The educational model of the Sports Academy is internationally recognized by its allies IMG Academy, Carlos Beltran Academy of Baseball, High School, Puerto Rico Academy of Baseball and High School, among others.

“The aim of the school has always been to create both academic and sporting conditions so that Dominican youth have the opportunity to be professionals through their sporting discipline,” Uloa added.

He pointed out that many schools (high school) will also be visited in case any of them are interested in players who have completed their high school studies in the country and are ready to repeat last year to enter universities with a better academic and linguistic base.

“In the case of our school, English as a second language, with the advantage that apart from academic and mathematical rigor, we have a group of educational advisors and professional psychologists who, together with the team of teachers, prepare the student-athlete to fulfill their dream of going pro through a game Baseball and the pursuit of his autograph from colleges. “

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