The story behind Paul Pogba’s photo with River Plate

The story behind Paul Pogba’s photo with River Plate
The steering wheel that gets close to Juventus with the River Jacket

This photo revolutionized the world River Plate: Paul Pogba, sitting, wearing a millionaire shirt and headphones. This is not a stolen photo: the French football star himself posted it on his Instagram account. The 29-year-old midfielder, who has just been released from Manchester United? No: it seems that his fate is in JuventusTogether with Angel Di Maria. However, someone from the band had already injected River Plate’s feeling into him…

In fact, Juanver Quintero He shared part of his Miami vacation with Pogba. And not only did they enjoy the moments of entertainment, but they also trained together under the tutelage of the physical trainer Cesar Murillo. Players were never partners: they struck up a relationship in times when they were face to face with different shirts.

“They told me they met in Italy. They weren’t partners, but they did run into each other. p “You are playing well, you have to come and play with me,” Pogba told Juanver.Murillo said Millionaire page. The pair’s chemistry was revealed after it was posted by Juanfer on his Instagram account. With my brother Paul Pogbawrote the Colombian, accompanied by a shot of the two in casual looks.

Monday's photo posted by Junever
Monday’s photo posted by Junever

The meeting in the United States included walks and even the presence of spectators in the stadium Miami Heatwho lost Boston Celtics Eastern Conference Finals NBA. Traveling in full recovery from the double tear he suffered in his left hamstring, Quintero chose to continue his lineup with Murillo, who was also a footballer in Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and in the NBA’s Miami Fusion.

“Juanever brought Pogba, they are good friends and they agreed to train together. He is very humble and simple. The two are a football rift, but they both win by ten points. Suddenly I found the world champion in front and he is a normal person‘, described the Palestinian police in the interview with BPM.

With Quintero back in Buenos Aires, the Frenchman chose to continue with the physical trainer recommended by his friend until the moment he returned to Europe. Of course, not to miss the link, he cherished his shirt and wore it to training, driving all River Plate fans crazy.

Midfielders get together in Miami

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