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He had to use himself to the limit to beat Puerto Rico in the championship match

The United States finished the tournament undefeated 6-0.

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The United States, ranked number one in the women’s world, won the gold medal at the AmeriCup Women’s Championship on Saturday, defeating Puerto Rico 59-74.

The US team finished unbeaten (6-0) in the tournament held at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, while Puerto Rico finished 5-2.

Brazil won the bronze medal by beating Canada 87-82 in two overtime.

The final challenge began fiercely between the two teams.

After several draws, American Ryan Howard scored a basket to put the match in her favor 9-12.

However, two straight baskets from Puerto Rico gave them a 13-12 lead, although a hat-trick from Jazmon Gwathmey increased the difference to 12-16.

Puerto Rico maintained its dominance over the rest of the first quarter until a 21-17 win.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Elisa Conan starred in the attack of the North Americans, bringing them close to 25 to 23.

But two free throws from Helmon’s flower tied the score 25-25, followed by a hat-trick by Howard, lifting the Americans 28-25.

However, the Puerto Ricans’ defense silenced the Americans’ attack, thus taking advantage of their attack and advancing 0-9, resuming the match with a score of 28-34.

However, the United States responded and, with six consecutive goals, tied the challenge 34-34, prompting Puerto Rican coach Jerry Batista to ask for the time.

After that slight rest, Gwathmey hit a field basket, breaking the game 34-36 and with that board closing out the first half of the game.

After the remainder of the challenge, the American team led by Dawn Staley showed why they are the main team in the world.

Under the guidance of Aliyah Boston’s attack with multiple field baskets and triples by Howard, they achieved the game’s biggest advantage in a time of 40-49, making Puerto Rico demanding time.

Similarly, American Ashley Owusu also contributed to her team’s attack with several baskets in that third set, which later closed at 47-55.

In the fourth quarter, Puerto Rico tried to adapt and get as close as possible to the United States, reducing the difference to nine points (49-58), but the attack of the American Howard was able to do more, because after hitting two free throws, he achieved the greatest advantage in the match , 51-66.

With less than two minutes left before the game and after Puerto Rican Jennifer O’Neal scored a hat-trick to bring the score close to 59-70, a hiatus occurred at San Juan Stadium.

This caused the match to be postponed for several minutes.

However, the players of both teams took advantage of the moment to continue practicing their shots and participate in a simulated dance competition in the middle of the field.

After several minutes of power outage, the match resumed until the final whistle blew and gave victory to the American forces.

And at the end of the meeting, the All-Star Team was announced, which consisted of Americans Ryan Howard and Elisa Konani, Colombian Manuela Rios, Puerto Rican Jennifer O’Neill and Brazilian Clarissa dos Santos.


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