The Venezuelan entered the circle of 3 thousand injuries in the MLB

The Venezuelan entered the circle of 3 thousand injuries in the MLB

Miguel Cabrera From the Detroit Tigers, he became the 33rd player to reach 3 thousand visits In the Big Leagues The first is from Venezuela. Achieve a job In the first turn it was consumed by the end of the first episode of the match in which his team won over Colorado Rockies Hitting, 13-0.

“I want to inspire young people in Venezuela. Let them see that if I can do it, they can too. I hope we have more Venezuelans playing baseball in the States”Miguel CabreraDetroit baseball player

A total of 37,566 people were eyewitnesses to a job At Comerica Park, who gave him a standing ovation as fireworks were seen behind the central plaza fence.

“This feeling I feel now is indescribable, it is something that fills me with great emotion,” the player said after the match. “I am very proud of the things I have done Big Leagues“It was very exciting to see all the people who came to support us, I will always carry it in my heart,” Cabrera said at the end of the match, according to an AFP post. .

He stressed, “I want to inspire young people in Venezuela. Let them see that if I can do it, they can too.” “We hope to have more Venezuelans playing baseball in the United States,” he concluded.

With his hit, he raised one field right against his average charge to 0.325 to be one of the best at the start of the campaign Big Leagues. The Venezuelan person too, right-holder Antonio Cinzatella, will go down in history along with Cabrera, because he was the one who hit the single.

The a job He joins the two-time AL MVP, winner of the Triple Crown and 11-time All-Star with four titles, numbers and feats that show him as a future Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

The Venezuelan is the seventh player to score 500 home runs and 3,000 winning hits, a club that includes Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Eddie Murray, Rafael Palmiro, Dominican Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez. He is also the seventh Latin American to reach the club, having tied with the late Roberto Clemente, who he left behind when he hit another radio in Episode VI.

His goal, is to reach 3115 and draw with Dominican Alex Rodriguez, who along with him is part of the exclusive club led by Pete Rose with 4256, followed by T-Cup with 4189; Hank Aaron, 3771; Stan Musial 3,630 and Tris Seaker, 3,515. There are also Creoles Albert Pujols with 3,301 and Adrian Beltré.

Pujols and Cabrera are also part of the seven Latin American baseball players to reach the 3000 mark, along with Adrián Beltré (3166), Alex Rodriguez (3115), Rod Carew (3053), Rafael Palmiro (3020) and Roberto Clemente (3000). The only ones who play baseball in Big Leagues.

The Venezuelan rose to the top with the Miami Marlins in 2003 and played for the National League for five seasons, until 2007, before moving to Detroit, the MLS, in 2008. In those seasons with the Marlins, he added 842 hits, 138 of them home.

On two occasions, 2005 and 2009, he had 198 hits. He had the highest number of his songs in the 2012 season, with a score of 205.

Extensive experience as Director of Statistics for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Dominican Republic and as a media reporter for El Caribe, El Nacional, La Noticia. He was the editor of the newspaper Ultima Hora and responsible for winter football statistics at Listín Diario.

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