Yuto Horigum and Risa Lill are crowned at the X Games

Yuto Horigum and Risa Lill are crowned at the X Games

Japanese skateboard Yuto Horigome won his Olympic gold this Sunday and took first place in the street skateboard category on the final day of the Chiba X Games.in Japan, where Brazilian and Olympic silver medalist Raisa Lille crowned the podium.

The local Japanese star, gold in skateboarding’s debut as an Olympic sport at the recent Olympic Games in Tokyo, He was accompanying him on the stage From the international competition held in the northeast of the Japanese capital by fellow countrymen Daiki Ikeda and Sora Shirai.

Brazil’s Kelvin Hoefler, who held the silver medal at JJ.OO, held on. , seventh place in the final on Sunday.

in the female position, Brazilian Risa Layal returned to the Asian country to present an outstanding performance, winning the gold medal in the tournament. Lille won a silver medal at the Summer Olympics, becoming the youngest Olympic medalist in her country.

Japan’s Funa Nakayama, bronze in the previous games, won the silver this time, followed by Australian Chloe Covel, who at the age of 12 was the youngest 2022X Games.

In men’s street skateboarding, American Jagger Eaton takes the gold The silver was won by Australian Kieran Woolley, who had failed to pass 16th in previous matches and finished fifth at the Tokyo Olympics last summer.

The podium on the field was closed by Liam Pace, also an American, who was trying to defend the number one spot he earned in 2021.

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It was the first time that the International Extreme Sports Tournament had been held in Japan since the X Games began in the United States nearly three decades ago.

In this version, medals were distributed in the disciplines of skateboard park, street and slope; BMX cycling in the park, street and apartment; And on the Moto X.

These urban sports are starting to generate more interest in the Asian country as a result of the Tokyo Games, with Japanese athletes winning medals in these disciplines.

Skateboarding will once again be an Olympian at the Paris 2024 event.

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