The waiting time between the World Cup Finals may change very soon


All football fans have been waiting patiently for 4 years to reach the top of the sport, but that may change very soon because FIFA is studying the possibility of holding the World Cup every two years.

Since the arrival Gianni Infantino As president, many things have changed.

Without a doubt, the biggest reshuffle to date under the Swiss president’s administration has been the consolidation Video Assistant Referee (VAR), It is already being used practically all over the planet to help referees make better decisions in the playing field.

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For the competition’s most important format, the great new is that 48 teams will participate in Scientist Out of edition United States, Mexico, and Canada 2026.

Now, it is time to wait for the international exhibition and Eurocope It can change.

In an interview with the German newspaper picture, Arsene Wenger, Director of Development at FIFA, I admit it Examining the possibility of holding a World Cup every two years: “We need as few events as possible. Therefore, I think the World Cup and a Eurocope Every two years. “

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He explained that the prestige of both tournaments would not be lost when held closely, and gave an example Champions League, This usually stuns all fans around the planet every season.

The plan will include a disappearance UEFA Nations League.

On the other hand, he mentioned that 3 rules can also be modified: Out of place will not be indicated if at least one part of the body is in line with the last competing defense; Corner kicks that come out and return to court are correct; And the throw in their court can be taken with their feet.

Like everything in life, football is developing, too, which is why FIFA is considering the possibility of holding the World Cup finals every two years If the body considers this it can benefit its sport by providing a greater spectacle for the fans.

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