The women’s national team was defeated by the imposition of Japan


Written by Claudia Carolina Morales

11/04/2021 – 2:54 am

World Champions In the 2011 edition of the Women’s World Cup against the United States, the Japanese national team not only demonstrated their traditional defensive system, but also their attacking strength, scoring goals whenever they wanted.

The Panama national women’s team lost 7-0 to their Japanese counterpart in a friendly match that revealed the enormous differences that exist between Japan and the channel companies.

From Yui Hasegawa’s hand, the Japanese national team showed their class from the very first moment. The squad’s perfect triangulation, which was meticulously filtered with surgical precision, caused the national defense line to plunge into a nervous breakdown and ended up making mistakes that impeded the team’s operation.

Lewika Sugasawa’s hat-trick (8 ‘, 42’ and 56 ‘) and goals for Risa Shimizu (17’), Yui Hasegawa (32 ‘), Yuka Mumiki (45) and Hina Sugita (61’) were a difficult corrective for the national 11th who did not disturb Ayaka’s goal Yamashita.

Although the meeting led to experience gain and international friction against one of the great powers around the world and this is the first time that Panama and Femenina faced a rival from the Asian continent, it also showed the hard face of the indisputable and even weak defeat against it. A competitor that far outperformed in all of its lines and in everything.

Nevertheless, the meeting will serve the Mexican Ignacio Quintana to make the necessary adjustments, to meet the upcoming CONCACAF commitments, and head to the World Cup in New Zealand 2023.

The two teams will meet again next Tuesday, April 13th, at the Japan Football Association’s High Performance Center, a meeting that will not be counted in the official statistics and will not be broadcast either.

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