The World Athletics Under-20 Championships ended in Cali: medal table

The World Athletics Under-20 Championships ended in Cali: medal table

Six days of the IAAF Under-20 World Championships have been completedHeld on the sports track of the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium in Cali, where a total of 135 medals 45 of each metal.

As expected, the forces will become strong in the capital, Valle del Cauca, and after the competitions that took place between Monday 1 August and Saturday 6 August; The United States dominated the overall medal table.

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Well, the North American country got a total of 15 medalsDivided in seven gold, four silver and four copper. While Brazil, Bahrain, Canada, Cyprus, Hungary, Morocco, Uganda and Uruguay barely took bronze.

On the other hand, regarding Colombia, The local delegation was placed in box 25 of the medal table with two silver and one bronze. Natalie Linares in the long jump and Valentina Barrios In javelin throwing they were in second place, while The women’s quartet came third in the 4×100 relay.

Under-20 World Athletics Championships: How the medal table turned out

1. US, 7 O, 4 P, 4 B

2. Jamaica 6W, 7F, 3B

3. Ethiopia, 6 W, 5 F, 1 B

4. Kenya 3 O, 3 P, 4 B

5. South Africa 2 O, 1 P, 2 B

6. Turkey, 2 O, 1 P, 1 B

7. France, 2 W, 1 AM, 0 B

8. Germany 1 O, 4 P, 3 B

9. Sweden, 1 O, 2 P, 1 B

10. Finland 1 O, 2 P, 0 B

23. Columbia, 0 W, 2 AM, 1 B

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Thus, the finals of the 45th Youth Athletics Championships in Colombian soil have already been completed, confirming this Sovereignty of the United States, two African countries and a delegation from the Caribbean.

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