How to track and watch the Oregon22 World Athletics Championships | newsletter

How to track and watch the Oregon22 World Athletics Championships |  newsletter

The World Championships in Athletics, Oregon 22 More than 1,900 athletes from 192 teams will compete at Hayward Stadium in Eugene from July 15-24.

The excitement begins with the men’s hammer qualifiers on Friday, July 15, while the women’s 4x400m final wraps up the competition on Sunday, July 24. You can stay up-to-date on the World Athletics website, its partner platforms, and through a number of broadcasters around the world.

This way you can keep track of everything.

Where are you looking?

The Oregon22 World Athletics Championships will be broadcast live in some athletics areas Youtube s Facebook Channels Actions are shown for each session.

Day 10: Morning class
The tenth session in the afternoon

It’s nine o’clock
Evening session of the ninth day

Morning session of the eighth day
Evening session of the eighth day

Seven o’clock in the afternoon

Sixth afternoon session

Fifth afternoon session

Morning session for the fourth day
Evening session for the fourth day

Third day of the men’s marathon
Morning session for the third day
Third day session

Morning session for the second day
Second afternoon session

Morning and afternoon session first day

Live streaming is not available in all regions.

Check the list below to see where the broadcasts can be sent in your country. The list is subject to change and some stations may only show the highlights, while others broadcast the event live. Check local business listings for more information.

Detailed schedule can be NBC found here.

Regions sender
old and bearded stomach muscles
Argentina and South America (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela) Sports Terms and Conditions
Australia SB
be in sports
Austria ORF
Bahamas ZNS
Barbados CBC
Belarus BTRC
Belgium RTBF / VRT
Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia sand sport
Botswana BTV
Brazil balloon
Burkina Faso RTB
Canada CBC
green head TVC
Cayman Islands TVJi
Chili pepper TVN
porcelain closed circuit television
Colombia RTVC
Comoros ORTC
Costa Rica Tiggo Sports
Croatia HR
Cyprus CYCBC
Czech Republic Connecticut
Democratic Republic of the Congo RNC
Denmark TV2
Ecuador spring means
Estonia Error
Eswatini Eswatini TV
Ethiopia EBC
Finland YLE
France Foot
Gambia GR
Germany ARD / ZDF
Ghana GTV
Greece End-stage renal disease
Grenade GBP
Honduras spring means
Hungary MTVA
Iceland UV
Indonesia TVRI
Israel sports channel
Italia Ray / Sky
Jamaica Jamaica TV
Japan TBS
Kenya KBC
Latvia LT
Liberia LNTV
Lithuania LR
Madagascar TVM
Malawi WBC
Malaysia and Brunei star
Mauricio WBC
Mexico naturally
Morocco SNRT
Namibia NBC
Holland we
New Zealand Sky New Zealand
Nigeria NTA Sports 24
Norway NRK
Panama Medcom
Caribbean bread Jamaica TV
Pan Indian Subcontinent to be confirmed
pan latin america ESPN International
middle eastern bread be in sports
Pan African Supercar / TVMS
Peru spring means
Poland DVT
Portugal RTP
Rwanda RTV
Senegal real time strategy
Seychelles SBC
Slovenia RTVS
South Africa caster
South Korea Sky Sports
Spain Television
Lucia Street TV winner
Swedish SVT / TV4
Swiss SRG / SSR
turkey TR
Uganda UBC
Ukraine UAPBC
United kingdom BBC
Uruguay VTV
The United States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands NBC Universal / NBC
Venezuela longitude

Inner path // LIVE

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Watch the highlights of each day as the competition begins, from the top runners and record holders from day one, to medal winners, finalists and, of course, medal winners. Compare the performance of the athletes in each round and read the preview of each sport. check it out.

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