There will be no event or online

There will be no event or online

Video Games Gallery E3 2022 has been canceledAnd everything indicates that there will be no physical event or webcast this year. Due in mid-June, COVID appears to be the main reason for the complete cancellation.

This is already at the beginning of the year E3 2022 has been changed to an online-only format, which will not be held now either. Something that is also unsurprising, as the video game sector is already accustomed to online events for each brand.


The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which organizes the Video Game Show annually in Los Angeles (US), has confirmed that yes There will be E3 2023 face to face and onlinealthough it is clear that with so much time in the future it is difficult to predict.

The cancellation was confirmed on Twitter by Will Powers, CEO of the Razer gaming brand. Receive The official mail of the European Space Agency itselfinforming him that E3 2022 has been canceled altogether.

E3, short for Electronic Entertainment Expo, is eThe biggest video game event in the world, where major software and hardware versions are announced each year. In any case, even before the pandemic, he had difficulties with the large companies in the sector.

Nintendo has been involved in quite a few releases, as it prefers its own events, and Sony has also missed the date, wondering if the big investment represented by E3 will be profitable due to the visibility that was obtained.

Although the ESA has not confirmed the reasons for the cancellation, the issue of visibility may be key. In the end, E3 online does not assume any advantage for brands compared to organizing their own events at a time that they consider convenient to their interests.

Upon learning of the cancellation of E3, journalist Geoff Keighley announced that he would receive Online gaming summer event June 2022, with game news and presentations. Since he is the main organizer of The Game Awards (the Academy Awards for video games), he may be able to impress many companies.

Of course , The cancellation of E3 2022 is sad newsAnd hopefully, a remake with a physical event in 2023 will turn into a reality, since this show always gets a lot of attention from gamers.

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