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This wednesday, May 26, 2021, there will be Lunar eclipse, Even if You will not be able to have fun For this event all over the world. But, in addition to this, it happens that there will also be a file superluna It can be seen from anywhere on Earth. But before we explain how and where we see these two astronomical events, let’s explain them What is a lunar eclipse and what is a giant moon.

Eclipses can be classified in several ways: the sun or the moon; In whole or in part, and sometimes, we also talk about a partial eclipse. But let’s talk about a total lunar eclipse this week. The Lunar eclipse It occurs when the Earth is placed between the sun and the moon. When sunlight shines on the ground, it creates a shadow Disappears the moon. Sometimes the atmosphere is very dim and the moonlight is slightly diminished; So it is known as the Binombral Eclipse. However, as we said, The lunar eclipse will be on May 26th. That is, the Earth’s shadow will cover the entire moon. Although it will only be visible in some areas.

What is the giant moon? To our inexperienced eyes, a giant moon is not much different from an ordinary full moon; It might look a little brighter, but a little more. Although the term component, it is clear why some full moons are called giant moons. This relates to perihelion, that is, the moment when the satellite is closest to the center of the Earth. In addition, this giant moon in May will be the largest in 2021. It will appear red.

Where do you see a lunar eclipse?

This lunar eclipse cannot be seen from Spain. But some of its phases can be enjoyed from America, the Pacific, Oceania, and Asia, As shown in the file The web National Geographic Institute (IGN). The following map shows where the May 26 eclipse will be visible in all and some of its phases.


The total eclipse will last about 15 minutes, between 06:11 and 06:25 Mexico City time

The total eclipse will last about 15 minutes, while it can be seen for 3 hours and 7 minutes. In twilight, it will be 5 hours and 2 minutes and start around 8:48 UTC; This is 3:48 Mexico City time The moon will begin to reach the shadow cast by the earth. At 04:44 Mexico City time, you will start entering the darkest area and will be fully entered by 06:11. From that moment until 6:25, you can enjoy a total lunar eclipse. Also, it will look fuchsia.

If you can see

For the unfortunate people, that is, for those who don’t live in areas where a total lunar eclipse can be seen as well They will be able to monitor our satellite; But in flow.

Fortunately for others, Griffith Observatory has made a video to follow a live lunar eclipse. You have to take it into consideration Time difference To be able to enjoy this eclipse. If it is in Mexico it will start showing around 06:11 local time; On Spain will be around 13:11 Spanish peninsula local time.

This video to follow the lunar eclipse live:

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