What should you do on Google Photos before June 1st?


Five years after submitting copies of Pictures Free, unlimited, and in High quality, Google photos Announce this, as of June 1 will start Charge for storage One more time 15 GB On the account. Now that the time is not yet right, we tell you what to do about it.

First, all of this must be explained Pictures s Files Shipped before June 1 will not count towards this limit 15 GB, That is, only photos uploaded after June 1 will begin to count on the new cap storage. However, documents and spreadsheets will now count within the same threshold.

So, if you have pictures or files on other devices that you want to keep, it is time to upload them to a file Cloud Therefore they do not count as part of your storage limit. Just remember that the photos and videos should be uploaded in high quality instead of the original quality.

As well as that The Google It also announced that it is introducing a new policy for Delete data From inactive accounts that haven’t been signed in to for at least two years. The company said it would notify the user multiple times before removing any content.

Now that you understand the implications, the first step we recommend is finding out how much storage space you’ve actually used. To do this, just enter your profile Google photos In the menu on the left, you’ll see how much you have used and how much is left. The company said in November that more than 80% of users would not reach the 15GB limit for three years. So, if you are one of them, you might not have to worry at the moment.

If you want the clearest information, go to photos.google.com/storage and sign in with your Google account where you uploaded all the photos. Then you will see a graph outlining Free buggies What you have available and how much your photos and videos are playing, plus your Google Drive and Gmail. You will also see an estimate of how long it will take to use all of the space.

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What can you do?

If you are close to or already exceeded the 15GB limit, you’d better start Delete files You don’t need it, this can include emails or large documents from Drive and Gmail.

To do this, check the folders, for example, the folder with screenshots, it is possible that there are files there to delete. It also searches for images that could be duplicates and you can use the tools available on the platform to find blurry photos in a simple way.

Another option, in case you don’t want to delete any image, is Compress it. Under this format, in Google photos Pictures take approximately 1-4MB, meaning you can store around 300GB.

We only alert you that at a later time you will not be able to return it to its original quality but in reality you will not lose much so the recommendation is just to stay with the most private of all of its decisions.

To do this step, just enter your profile and find the list Settings And see what you like best, if you have an original, just switch to high quality.

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Get them out of Google Photos

If you have already exceeded the limit or simply do not want to use the service, we recommend creating a Support, To do this, just go to Google Photos on the desktop and click on Settings, and you will find the option at the bottom Export your data Then click the Backup button below.

On the next screen, you will be able to specify the export frequency, one occasion, the type of file to be exported (.zip or .tgz) and the maximum file size. Then just click “Create Export”.

Just keep in mind that depending on the number of your files, Google might take at least a few hours to backup. You will receive an email when your files are ready to download.


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Google isn’t the only offer Image storage You may choose to try other options.

Google One. As we have already mentioned Free storage It’s 15 GB, if you want more, the paid plans start at 100 GB for 34 pesos a month.

iCloud. Cucumber an Apple It offers 5GB of free storage, then they charge 17 pesos a month for 50GB.

Drop box. Offering 2 GB of free and paid storage, the Plus package with 2 TB storage costs $ 9.99 per month, while the Professional package, with 3 TB, costs $ 16.58 per month.

Flickr. In this case, you can store up to a thousand high-quality photos for free. If you don’t want to have limits, you’ll have to pay $ 5.99 a month.

OneDrive. It offers 5 GB free storage, if you need more, they provide 100 GB storage space at 38.99 pesos per month.

Certainly. This service has a free version for customers Telcel Or Telmex who receive 100 GB of storage, if you want 200 GB, you have to pay 19 pesos a month.

Amazon Pictures. They provide 5 GB for free, but if you are an Amazon Prime user, the storage is unlimited and without compressing your photos.

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