These are the four new functions that will be added

These are the four new functions that will be added

The WhatsAppone of the most useful apps for communication, just keeps getting better, though He seems to have it all It’s not perfect and new features will be available this year on the messaging platform.

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It should be noted that some functions began to be tested from 2022 in 2023 – the dates are not yet known -, It will be fully implemented already and here we present it to you.

You can use WhatsApp on two phones

This new tool will allow you to unlock two devices with the same account, which can currently only be done in beta versions in the testing phase on devices. android.

In addition, the option will allow users to delete the profile on a second tablet or cell phone, from your main device, this is another security alternative.

Edit messages that have already been sent

Another option that will be added is the ability to edit messages, but only within the following 15 minutes after the date it was sent.

And of course, the edited messages will have a label “editedat the bottom of the text bubble.

Search for messages by dates

In the case of WhatsApp on iOS, in the last months of the year you can already search for messages by date within a conversation, which this year will be extended to all devices.

Access what from a tablet

Although the application is currently The WhatsApp Allow synchronization with desktop device eg PC As for laptopUsers can’t link their account to a tablet yet.

Thus, the same account can be used without both having to share the same account number. phone, just download the app.

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