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The eight seasons of the series The Vampire Diaries These are the pieces that Netflix subscribers visit most frequently. However, the competition for streaming platforms means that the series is being re-evaluated over time and many companies have to fight for their rights.

This is why the series is starring Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, LSeveral years later, he will be saying goodbye to Netflix starting in September in the United States.

“Originally it was expected that The Vampire Diaries He will leave Netflix in March 2022, which was exactly 5 years after the last season was added to Netflix. We’ve seen all of the CW-licensed titles leave on this timeline, but we learned in February that that wouldn’t be the case. WhatsOnNetflix.

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Reasons for his withdrawal from Netflix

Because of the controversy we mentioned above, it is so Common The main reason for this withdrawal is HBO Max has reportedly bought the broadcast rights to the CW Television Network-produced series.

HBO’s streaming service has become the streaming home of new CW shows after ViacomCBS (now Paramount) and Warner Media’s previous license agreement with Netflix will expire in 2019.

This rumor takes another turn after the tumultuous weeks they went through on HBO Max Announcing Discovery Plus and its plans to create a new streaming platform.

Is The Vampire Diaries leaving Netflix in other countries?

Not at the moment. What is known so far is that the series will stop broadcasting in the United States. Rest on Netflix for India, Italy, Spain, Australia and Latin America Drama inspired by the LJ Smith saga will continue to appear.

However, if its arrival on HBO Max is confirmed, It may be withdrawn from the platform in other countries Netflix.

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