These “ renders ” show the flat redesign of the Apple Watch Series 7 and its five colors, according to Prosser


The Apple Watch Series 7 It is one of the devices that has not yet been revealed, about which we have seen the fewest rumors. Yet, when it was a few Makes That foreshadows how this model will be. Redesigned Apple Watch Series 7, With flat edges and several colors in its range.

Apple Watch Series 7: Flat Design and Five Colors in Prosser Leak

John Prosser, L. Youtube Those who have successes and mistakes in their history, returned to take some Makes. Although it tends to fail more when it comes to names and dates, The truth is that Makes They were very successful. Yesterday we saw him detailing his last four works, which ended up being almost the finished product.

right Now, Prosser Voelph With Submit – make From the future Apple Watch Series 7 yet Talk about it on a podcast. As we can see, it is very close to what has been described above.


Yes in deed , Guarantee that it’s the model we’ll see this yearBut leave the door open for the year 2022. It is Youtube Indicates that you have received images and CADs of this model from your sources, which you have used to create your own digital mockup.

S7 red green

From what can be seen, it is a similar design to the current design but with flat edges. The angles are not 90 degrees, but they do have a slight curvature to make them less aggressive. Just like in an iMac 2021Or iPad Pro or iPhone 12, in fact, if that model is confirmed We are going to run into some kind of design assembly It is among its four main categories: Mac, iPhone, iPad, and now Apple Watch.

In addition to the design, see how we will have in total five colors for your aluminum box to choose from: Silver, space gray, red, blue and green. This last color is the same we saw it in IPad AirAnd AirPods Max and iMac 2021. The rest of the specifications are vague to him because he does not know what is in them.

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