They accuse Tencent of stealing Nintendo Switch this patent for a handheld “PC game console” – Nintenderos


Some of you might know Tencent For collaborating with Nintendo on various projects, such as the Switch distribution in China. Well, she was recently accused of impersonating N.

This is because a patent for you originally registered in October of last year was published. is being a laptop This really has a very similar design to the Nintendo Switch. According to experts, it could be compatible with Windows 10 games and an opportunity to offer PC games in a similar format to Nintendo hybrid console.


It also features a USB-C port and an HDMI port for file connection Television, Headphone, Trigger and Hard Button connection without detachable controllers like Joy-Con. At the moment, its launch has not been officially confirmed, it’s just a patent, but many fans are already accusing Tencent of taking advantage of her close collaboration with Nintendo for impersonation.

We will have to be alert to see what happens in the end. Meanwhile, what do you think?


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