They accuse the new Windows 10 update of affecting gaming performance


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The latest update for Windows 10 operating system? You may want to wait a little while before doing this. What happens is that some players report that their PC’s gaming performance has been affected after installing it.

Different Reddit users They have published reports guaranteeing that the latest Windows 10 update has caused many problems for gamers. For example, there are those who report having problems with Vsync; Others say they caused their games to freeze or drop frames per second

Affected users came to the conclusion that it must be the latest update bug of Windows 10. After all, this is the only thing they found in common, since affected users include AMD and Intel processors users; As well as owners of graphics cards NVIDIA and AMD.

Among the complaints, it was noted that the affected versions of Windows 10 are B5001330 and KB5001337. In fact, Nvidia recommends its users, in case they encounter performance issues in games, to try reverting to Windows 10 KB5000842 to see if that fix something.

The problem has affected many games

Reddit users investigating this situation indicated that many of the games have performance issues.

Among those mentioned Eternal death; Call of Duty: A War Zone s Red Dead Redemption 2. However, the address list with performance issues might be much larger.

We will be up to date and inform you when Microsoft provides any comment on this situation. Remember, it is important to always update our computer to correct vulnerabilities.

And you, did you encounter problems with the latest Windows update? Tell us in the comments.

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