The Lord of the Rings video game has been canceled.


Amazon Game Studios has given sad news to video game fans and above all Lord of the rings (Lord of the Rings), because while the company paid out an epic $ 465 million for the first season of the TV adaptation, they canceled fan plans to explore Middle Earth that they had created for themselves. By JRR Tolkien through a game video.

In 2019, Amazon Game Studios revealed plans for a massive multiplayer game that will arrive in Middle Earth long before the events of Lord of the Rings, where they can explore and meet people and mythical creatures.

Amazon reportedly signed an agreement to develop the free game with Hong Kong-based gaming company Leyou Technologies, but in December 2020, Tencent Holdings bought Leyou, so Amazon and the new owner could not reach an agreement, according to information from Variety.

“We love Lord of the Rings (intellectual property) game and are disappointed that this game was not offered to customers,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a company statement.

This Middle-Earth project was independent of Amazon Studios’ adaptation of Lord of the Rings and whose plan includes several seasons produced in collaboration with Tolkien Estate and Trust, HarperCollins, and Warner Bros. New Line Cinema.

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