They are making genetically modified ‘super trees’ that will absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide that causes the greenhouse effect.



June 25, 2021 20:27 GMT

Scientists also plan to “arm” these plants with fungicides to slow their decay.

A US biotech startup has created genetically modified trees that can absorb more carbon dioxide, which could make afforestation initiatives more effective. reach Fast Company Magazine.

live carbon modified growth enzyme, causing faster growth of trees, which can absorb and store more carbon dioxide than common trees. In addition, the company is slowing down the rate of tree decay by enabling uptakeها copper and nickel, which act as fungicides. The fungus speeds up its decomposition, but with this modification, the tree will take time to decompose and the carbon will remain inside it longer.

Trees that do not produce seeds?

On the other hand, living carbon indicates that there is not enough space on the planet Planting trees needed to offset greenhouse gas emissions. So in theory, making each tree becomes more efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide Attractive proposal.

However, these trees are like others genetically modified plants They may not obtain permission from the relevant authorities for their large-scale cultivation. Although its creators assert that the type of tree they are working with now, a A hybrid of two types of poplarsIt can only reproduce through cuttings, and does not produce seeds that can be scattered elsewhere, one of the issues activists have raised.

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