They claim this circulating video shows Sprigatito’s final evolution into Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, but fans are suspicious

As you will remember, new rumors were previously shared in the Pokémon community that the well-known Riddler Khu started, Tender Sprigatito twist can be a bipedal pokemon (As happened with Litten, who ended up becoming Incineroar.)

Well, on this occasion, I’m supposed to A video that appears to show the final evolution of Sprigatito. You can see it below:

4chan No. 50725399 Violet Scarlet Sprigatito Leak desde Leaks and rumors

However, there are things that don’t seem to convince many fans. These are the details shared:

  • It looks like Sprigatito will evolve and develop features more similar to those of a the Foxseems to be a double type Factory / Claim.
  • However, many fans think so This video could be fake Because on the one hand, the leak seems to have originated in 4chan (Most of the ‘leaks’ listed there are fake) and feature general animations, low resolution installations, etc.
  • If it’s legit and Sprigatito’s final form is in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, the most logical thing is for Nintendo to act quickly and Withdraws He has already been online for several hours.

Whatever the case, there will be no choice but to wait for the title to be released to clear any doubts. We remind you of that Pokémon Scarlet and Purple will be released on November 18th on Nintendo Switch.


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