They confirm that the second edition of Fest Bus Uruguay will be in Durazno

The Uruguay Fest Bus is a showcase of old and new buses, memorabilia, models, and photography. It aims to show the development of passenger transport and to publicize the national transport flag. The first edition was held at the BIT Center, in Colonia del Sacramento, on Sunday, March 6, 2022 with over 600 visitors enjoying the exhibition. Its shape also includes a gastronomical area, entertainment and a final raffle with several winners.

This event was organized by Co Fest with the aim of showing the general public, as well as enthusiasts and carriers, a tour of the evolutionary line of the bus as a means of transportation in our country. An opportunity also designed to share a day with family and friends, as well as collaborate with a charitable cause as it was in its first edition with Juan Lacaze Canine Shelter.

Bus scientists who specialize in photography, souvenir collectors, model makers, owners of old and new private vehicles, as well as companies displaying units from their fleets, can participate in the Uruguay Fest Bus.

The second edition of Fest Bus Uruguay will be held in March 19, 2023 in the peach, an event in which the organizing committee is already actively working with the highest municipal authorities in the department. The project aims to add new attractions with more amphitheatres, photo exhibitions, live music and interactive entertainment with the participation of the attending audience.

To be part of the Uruguayan Business Science Festival, registration will open in the months prior to the event and for more information you can visit the website or social networks.

Information from Pablo Chagas, Director of Co Fest

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