They discover “Tinder for Otakus” – Kudasai

They discover “Tinder for Otakus” – Kudasai

Twitter user “Dennis (mhachiz)“Recently a trend after having been reported”Tinder for otaku“, any application to meet people through”match(Check out the profiles and connect with the one that catches your eye). The app in question is titled a stranger! The description states that it is indeed an app for anime lovers.

  • In Freakit! We want the entire otaku community to feel safe, respected, comfortable and in an environment that favors the development of personal relationships. That’s in addition to our technology effort from Freakit! For the platform to be a safe site, we need the cooperation of all users in order to create a high-quality community.
  • If you are a respectful, kind, educated person and want to create healthy relationships within the app, you are welcome! On the other hand, if you enter this community only to create toxicity, generate negativity, or attack other users, your account will be quickly deleted. If you violate any of the Freakit! You will be automatically kicked out of the community, your profile will be deleted and you will not be able to create another one. Think about things before you do them.

In fact, in Google Play Store We can find the official description of consumers:

  • Do you want to live your own shoujo? Do you want to find the perfect partner that you share the same tastes and hobbies? Want to go to your next anime and manga event but haven’t found the right person to go with? Freakit has arrived!
  • In Freakit! You can find this person. Would your ideal partner have a character like Mikasa or perhaps like Naruto? Don’t worry, Freakit! You will be able to find people where the first thing you will know is their personality. From there, if you’re interested in this guy, like him, and if he’s mutual, then congratulations, it’s oooo! Start living your shoujo.

In terms of criticism, users seem to praise the idea, but the implementation doesn’t seem to be the best. With 2.9 stars out of 5.0 overall, there are quite a few negative reviews that the app’s performance (not its intended function, but its operation) is very poor, with very long load times. However, it is still an interesting curiosity.

Line: mhachiz on Twitter

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