Phil Spencer reveals a potential new Xbox

Phil Spencer reveals a potential new Xbox

It is usual in each publication, Phil Spencer “Hide” news about the world of Xbox and Microsoft. His new tweet was no different, and if you pay attention, you’ll be able to find out New Xbox KeystoneMicrosoft console focused on flow and cloud games. Although it is a little getting better This feature, it seems they do not want to stay there.

This all comes with a post where Phil shares Fallout’s 25th anniversary congratulations. Epic is undoubtedly appreciated by many people and thus has truly become an iconic franchise loved by gamers.

Xbox Keystone, the new tool for cloud gaming

Surely many of you have been looking forward to seeing the arrival of a small and compact console that will allow you to play the games in the cloud that we offer on Xbox Game Pass without any problem. It would definitely be a huge success to do something like this, and It looks like he’s getting close. It was Tom Warren Which, expanding on Phil Spencer’s tweet, showed us this new hardware, so yes, the Xbox Keystone could be around the corner.

We all agree that Xbox Game Pass is a great service and being able to offer us the game in the cloud without the need for downloads, being able to play on any mobile device without interruption is a real wonder. But this could go a little further, this new console will allow for more fluid and comfortable game play from the living room of your home…or from the dependencies of any family member or friend. a Perfect complement To take advantage of 100% of the Microsoft service.

Xbox Keystone: Phil Spencer hints at a possible new Xbox - Xbox Keystone is back on the roster.  Phil Spencer shows what might be Microsoft's next cloud gaming console.

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