Users revive the “fight” between map sounds

Users revive the “fight” between map sounds
Users revive the “fight” between map sounds
Nikki Garcia and Susana Ballesteros voice their voices. Photo: Image taken from the video

Social media users are back in the fight between the alleged Google Maps and Alexa Voices which went live in May 2022; However, one of those involved, Nikki Garcia, explained that she and her partner, Susana Ballesteros, with whom she appears in the video, only provide their voice to Google’s GPS.

“None of them is Alexa. We are the same assistant and GPS in two versions of Spanish.”

Nikki Garcia

This came after a user at Twitter Post the viral video under the title: When Alexa and Google Maps meetin which Garcia explained that these two works give voice to an instrument Google Maps GPS In Spanish from Spain.

This was the viral meeting between Google Voices

Although the meeting was recorded a few months ago, the video became relevant again on social media, which did not miss an opportunity when the voices of the virtual assistants appeared thanks to the dubbing actresses. Susanna Ballesteros and Nikki Garcia.

The encounter between famous voices occurred as a result of a user in Twitter Question: Voices The Google Will they know each other? they will Nikki Garcia And the others are an annual party with contests and use their “robot” voice?

After launching this request, Nikki and Susanna did not hesitate to record a video of them talking with the voices of their assistantsan attitude that has fallen in love with millions of people who use the assistants, adding millions of views.

Voice actresses appear speaking after a ‘hard day’. “Ok Nikki. What do we do now?Susanna asked Nikki, and she replied:Now you have dinner scheduled at 9:30 PM.Susanna responds by asking her to raise dinner time, to which Nikki replies again: “Okay, Susanna.”

After that, Ballesteros also spoke using his robotic voice: “What do you want me to tell you?” , Nikki replied, “No, what do you want me to tell you?” A moment when both suddenly seem to “fall short” to the constant questions of one and the other:I’m your assistant“.

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